Recipe: My Oatmeal Bread

This is modded from the King Arthur ‘back of the bag’ oatmeal bread recipe, which you can find here: They also have a blog post covering all sorts of customizations and how to bake if you want rolls, different sized loafs, etc. I use this when I want to make hamburger buns, for example:…

Book rec: The Raven Tower by Anne Leckie

I read Anne Leckie’s “The Raven Tower” this weekend. It was GRIPPING and DELIGHTFUL and I resented every time I had to put it down, and oh HEY look at that trans man main character! I love this world, I love how well it’s realized. I love Eolo, the main character, and how sensible he…

Yesterday I had to have part of my finished basement torn out because it turns out we’ve had water seeping in from the foundation probably since we moved in and we found out when the carpet got soggy and the mold got so bad that we all started getting sick. (My beautiful carpet. I splurged…

Obligatory New Year’s Navel Gazing

I usually try to be more uplifting with these things, but for various reasons this year I’m not really feeling it. I argued with myself about even writing this, but I feel like it’ll do me good to get it out, so here you go, even though it’s rather boring, very navel-gazy and slightly depressing….

My favorite dicemaker is launching their Kickstarter I’ve been following Dispel Dice for over a year, and they’re finally launching the Kickstarter to establish a full-scale (well, boutique-scale) production company.  I’ve been tabletop gaming since I was 14, and I’ve watched the industry thrive, fall and expand again. But since Chessex gobbled up almost all the other dicemakers about 10, 15…

On the acquiring of patience

I am a 41 year old mostly-woman (she? they? it’s a journey), and I am finally beginning to acquire patience. Here’s the thing about patience, which I am learning as I acquire it. I used to think I had it. I didn’t. And I know that because patience sucks. I have learned it through the…

Writing Incentives and the ADHD Brain

I’m coming to realize that writing is a reward/punishment thing for me. The more rewards I get (in the form of a happy-brain-chemicals spike for finishing a story, solving a plot problem, sharing a passage I’m particularly proud of with friends, etc.), the more motivated I am to write. The more ‘punishments’ I get (in…

Overwatch Fic: Desecrated Ground

There aren’t many ways for a single mage to gain the power to combat an entire guild of criminal sorcerers. Making a pact with a demon will put Jack permanently on society’s list of magical enemies. One of the ones he hunted.

It’s worth it. Probably.

Explicit sex and violence, reaper76, grief, self-mutilation, black magic, demon deals, monster sex, Gabriel is kind of dead (he’ll be fine eventually)

Also on AO3:

Overwatch Fic: What Cost the Heart’s Desire?

After so many centuries of life he’d lost count, Gabriel craved a companion. After years of searches and attempts to court, seduce, or in desperation simply seize a partner in his vampiric unlife, none of them had ever fulfilled his needs.

So finally, he decided to make one.