My favorite dicemaker is launching their Kickstarter

I’ve been following Dispel Dice for over a year, and they’re finally launching the Kickstarter to establish a full-scale (well, boutique-scale) production company. 

I’ve been tabletop gaming since I was 14, and I’ve watched the industry thrive, fall and expand again. But since Chessex gobbled up almost all the other dicemakers about 10, 15 years ago, there’s been very little in the way of affordable quality alternatives (Game Science is pretty much the only one left that doesn’t work in semi-precious stones, which is $$$$). At $48 for a pledge, these are still steep, but I have the money and it’s partly to support a creative entrepreneur. I hope they’re able to bring the cost down once they ramp up production. 

Anyway this is me waving it under your nose, in hopes some of you will see these beauties and decide to hurl money at them. (Only if you can afford it.)

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